Tuesday, January 19, 2016

7 Helpful Working-From-Home Facebook Pages

This list isn't intended to be exhaustive, but it is representative of what you'll find. There are just too many excellent work-from-home Facebook pages to give each of them proper attention. That number could turn out to be closer to 700 instead of 7.

The pages listed below also aren't claimed to be the best of what you can find on Facebook. A thorough Facebook search for "work from home" should give you a literal wealth of information and pages to follow. From what I've seen so far, with what information you can gather regularly from Facebook pages intended to help anyone earn more money and save more of what they earn, there seems to be no reason for any Facebook user to ever be unemployed or, in the least, never broke.

I hope you find something to help you make 2016 a happy and prosperous year!

1.   Adventures Working From Home - AWFH is updated almost daily and always has real-time alerts to work-from-home or work online opportunities. Started in 2010, it is the companion Facebook page to Work-At-Home Adventures - WAHAdventures.com .

2.   Extra Cash And Rewards - This page has been around since 2011. I found a lot of the suggestions personally familiar because I too have joined many of these sites and earned money with them. Return to this Facebook page often to add new genuine moneymaking tools to your sources of income.

3.   Frugal Fanatic - Although primarily about being as thrifty as possible with the money you already have and earn, from time to time, Frugal Fanatic tosses in a post about ways to earn more income. The combination is what I'd call a well-rounded approach to your personal finances. A great Facebook page to add to your favorites!

4.   Real Ways To Earn - This page is chock full of great value and is well worth subscribing to. Begun in 2010, this Facebook page is sister to RealWaysToEarnMoneyOnline.com and is created to make it easier for you to find genuinely legitimate work-from-home jobs and avoid the numerous scams out to simply take your money without giving value back in return.

5.   Work At Home No Scams - This Facebook page has been around amazingly since 2003. It is a potpourri of hot tips about how and where to earn money online and includes quite a few reviews of sites that are or appear to be scams to avoid. This page is a wealth of value you should add to your regular reading list.

6.   Work From Home Happiness - This is Ashlee Anderson's Facebook page companion to her blog by the same name - WorkFromHomeHappiness.com . This one appears to focus on opportunities that are more like regular employment, but with enough freelance opportunities to provide a balance. Ashlee's tips are certainly worth looking into for something a bit more long-term than the usual.

7.   Workers Onboard -  Founded in 2011, this site is the Facebook page for WorkersOnboard.com . The page is update frequently and is full of great tips and links to help earn more money in ways both familiar and incredibly innovative. You need this one.

Hopefully, with these seven pages, you'll find something to jump start your finances today or, at least, within a week or two. Your new prosperous life could be a few simple clicks away!


Richard Barnes
Owner, Art Director
Naumaddic Arts

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

All You Want To Know About Facebook Marketing?

EBooksa is a site I've been using for a couple of years now. The content continues to be surprisingly fresh and relevant to today's internet marketers. It's a great resource for niche topic ebooks, PLUS it's a great free little business you can promote, either the entire collection, by category and subcategory, by focused topic, or simply one specific targeted ebook at a time. I mean, there are hundreds upon hundreds of ebooks with very reasonable prices in almost any topic - and you can use them as lead magnets, as your own personal development library, and for so many other purposes.

Anyway, the collection of ebooks relevant to marketing and making money with Facebook currently has fourteen ebooks you might want to have a look at before or at the same time you join and review Face Beast. It's really surprising just how many people are making money with Facebook, how many have become experts on the subject as well as the many who are making a ton of money with the site.

I hope this small Facebook ebook collection is helpful, and I encourage you to take the time to follow the links to browse through all of the ebooks on other topics. It really is a wealth of knowledge and of products to promote for a tidy profit. Take the time to get your affiliate membership and use it as a business or to feed leads to a business you already have.

To your abundant success ...


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